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Say Goodbye To Your Flickering Letters

Count on us for fast and affordable sign repair work

The sign above your business should draw a customer’s eye for all the right reasons—not because a letter right in the middle keeps flickering. DesignWerx is a full-service sign company that has over 19 years of experience working on all kinds of signs. We’ll repair your existing sign or install a new one in no time.

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Restaurant Signage in Tuscaloosa AL

The key to success in any industry is to make sure that the target audience for a business knows that it exists, knows what its mission is, and wants to stop in to learn more. All too often, the professionals at DesignWerx meet with business customers in the Tuscaloosa area who have simply never considered how much a sign could transform their business and increase their relationship with the surrounding communities. Our sign service is designed to turn that tide around, giving our clients their best shot at maximizing their local business.

What can DesignWerx do for you?

DesignWerx understands the importance of a clear, durable sign. Whether you need a business logo or a real estate sign, you can rest assured that your lettering will come out clean and legible. Our comprehensive sign services include:

  • Sign repair, fabrication, and installation
  • Sign renovation
  • Banner creation
  • Sand-blasted sign creation
  • Magnetic sign creation
  • Construction site sign creation
  • Full-color digital printing

Plenty of Options Available for Customers

Signage Company in Tuscaloosa AL

We understand that a sign may not be in everyone’s budget, but we also know that a sign is the best way to increase profits and, thus, a company’s budget over time. That’s why we offer a large array of sign designs and styles, with each style working for a different customer and a different budgetary restriction. Our local business customers are able to use our sign service to produce products large and small, lit and unlit, so that they don’t experience financial hardship in another area of the business.

Along with our wide array of options is a firm commitment to efficient operation and lightning fast turnaround times. We know that business customers are not the patient type, and they often want to experience the benefits of a big decision very quickly. Our signs are affordable, fast, and effective, making them a win-win for our clients.

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