About Us

Tuscaloosa, Alabama sign company with a professional team of designers and manufacturers ready to assist local businesses in designing and purchasing the best sign for their business.

For the past several decades, cities like Tuscaloosa in the deep south have come alive with renewed business activity and greater numbers of new residents. One of the great things about that kind of growth has been the opening of numerous new restaurants, bars, clothing stores, and other outlets. Our community has been enriched by this growth, and local students have welcomed it with open arms, but some stores remain unknown. Their lack of signage or advertising simply excludes them from the conversion. That’s were DesignWerx comes in.

Founded to Promote Local Businesses

Our primary way of promoting local businesses is by encouraging them to create engaging signs that will advertise the company to passersby. Our community is one that is full of bikers, joggers, and drivers, all of whom are prime candidates for new business establishments when they’re properly signed. Working with a team of creative professionals and seasoned business people, we create lighted and unlighted signs that can boost sales, increase foot traffic, and propel local businesses to success.

Vehicle Graphic Installations in Tuscaloosa AL

Perhaps best of all, we focus heavily on efficiency and cost. That means our local customers can promote their business without breaking the bank or going severely over their annual budget. For the small business owners that frequently use our services, which is a winning situation, that’s pretty hard to find elsewhere.

Start Now with a Free Estimate and Consultation

Our professional team of designers and manufacturers loves meeting with new clients, which is why we do it for free. Those who are using DesignWerx to explore business signage for the first time will enjoy a free estimate, making clear just how much money we can save the average business while also enhancing its visibility. We also offer parking lot lighting repair. Start today and contact us right away!